How to Measure Laptop Size Before Buying A Bag OR Sleeve? Ultimate Guide 2023

Measure Laptop Size Before buying a Bag or Sleeve?

It’s important to measure laptop size before buying a bag or sleeve, in order to make sure it will fit. If you are going to buy a new laptop, size is one of the things to consider. Laptop sizing can vary depending on the model and brand, but there are some general guidelines that will help you choose the right size.

Why measure laptop size?

There are several reasons why a laptop’s size is worth measuring before buying a bag or sleeve. The first reason is to make sure that the sleeve you are buying is the right size for your laptop. If the bag or sleeve is too small, your laptop could be damaged, and if it’s too large, it will be difficult to carry. The other reason to measure your laptop’s size is to make sure that the backpack has enough room for all of your accessories. For example, if you have a charger, mouse, and cords, you’ll need a bag or sleeve that has enough room to store them all.

What Are The Standard Laptop Sizes?

Standard Laptop Sizes

The smallest laptops, measuring about 11-13 inches wide, are typically ultrabooks or netbooks. Larger laptops, measuring 14-17 inches wide, are more common and can usually be classified as notebooks or desktop replacements. Between these two extremes are mid-sized laptops, measuring 14-15 inches wide.

What to consider when measuring laptop size?

There are a few things you should consider when measure laptop size before buying a bag or sleeve. The first is the dimensions of the laptop itself. You’ll need to know the height, width, and depth of your laptop to find a backpack that will be a good fit.

How to measure laptop size before buying a bag or sleeve?

A good way to measure your laptop size is to use a ruler or tape measure. Keep in mind that the measurements you use will change based on the shape of your laptop. 

1: Measuring laptop Width & Height

When it comes to measuring your laptop, there are two key dimensions you need to take into account: width and height.

Width is the simplest measurement to take- just measure the width of your screen from one corner to the other.

Height, on the other hand, can be a little trickier, as it depends on how you position your laptop. The best way to measure height is to find the tallest point on your screen and then measure from that point down to the base of your laptop.

2: Measuring laptop Depth

To measure laptop depth, use a ruler to measure from the back of the laptop to the front of the screen. This dimension is especially important if you plan to store your laptop in a vertical position (like in a backpack).

3: How to measure laptop Weight

Some people prefer a lighter laptop so that it is easier to carry around, while others don’t mind a heavier model. If you’re in the market for buying a bag or sleeve, it’s important to know how much your current laptop weighs.

To measure your laptop’s weight, use a postal scale. Simply place your laptop on the scale and note the reading. Be sure to subtract the weight of any charger or other accessories that you may not be carrying with your laptop. Use this numeric measurement in order to determine the correct bag for your device.

4: Measuring laptop Diagonal screen size

This is the most common way to measure laptop size before buying a bag or sleeve, and most bags and sleeves are advertised using this measurement. Downsides of using the diagonal measurement. First, it doesn’t take into account the thickness of the laptop; a bag that’s advertised as fitting a 15″ laptop might not be big enough if your laptop is especially thick. Second, it can be misleading if you have a widescreen laptop; a 16″ bag might only fit a 14″ widescreen laptop.

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Differences Between The Laptop Sleeves And The Laptop Bag

After measure laptop size before buying a bag or sleeve. There are a few different types of cases you can buy to protect your device. The two most popular options are buying a bag or sleeve. Here’s a look at the differences between these two types of cases:

Laptop sleeves are typically made from neoprene or other soft materials, which makes them lightweight and easy to carry. They also usually have a built-in handle, so you can easily grab them and go. However, they offer limited protection for your laptop, since they only cover the device itself and don’t include any additional padding or protection for the surrounding area. 

Laptop bags, on the other hand, offer more comprehensive protection for your device. They feature thickened foam padding and hard plastic corners that provide more stability, while also protecting the screen. These cases are ideal for travellers who have to do a lot of walking.

Type of Bags for a laptop?

A laptop bag is a case designed to protect the laptop from physical damage and accidental falls.

Fabric Bag

The most important factor in deciding what fabric to choose is the type of environment the bag will be used in. For example, if you plan on using your laptop case primarily for work, then you may want to consider a more professional-looking fabric such as cotton or wool. If you plan on using your laptop bag mainly for travel, then you may want to consider a more durable and water-resistant fabric such as nylon or canvas.

Another consideration when picking fabric for laptop bags is weight and thickness. Heavier and thicker fabrics will provide more protection for your laptop, but they will also be thicker and heavier to carry around. Conversely, lighter and thinner fabrics will provide less protection but will be easier to carry around.

Leather Bag

Leather comes in a variety of types, Here are a few:

Top-grain leather is the most common type of leather and is typically the least expensive. It’s strong and durable, but also quite stiff.

Bonded leather is made from scraps of top-grain leather that are bonded together with polyurethane. It’s less expensive than top-grain leather, but not as strong or durable.

Genuine leather is made by tanning the skin of an animal. Because it’s made of real skin, it’s slightly more expensive than other types of leather.


It is important to measure laptop size before buying a bag or sleeve. It’s crucial to select a perfect suit and make certain that it won’t get damaged. Be sure to check out the different options available to you and choose the one that is best for your needs.

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